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Final 4 - FB March Madness (that is what I like to call it)
Mar 28th 2021 By Tacoma Fury


Piche Charlee

The match is happening at 9 am EST and then final is a 2 pm EST

News Conversation
i beat pineapples wait what
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
My roster only got better because I remembered the minors were in this game. I've been neglecting it.
4 weeks ago
(Also, scheduele a game against me tmrw at 9 AM plz)
4 weeks ago
You got every right to be cocky. Keep it going. Just don't do it around some people... but around me and lots of people here, we like it. It's competetive. Plus, when I beatcha 400-0, it'll be even more fun.
4 weeks ago
I'm not really that cocky. I just joke about being cocky and act cocky because I think it's funny. Plus, I ain't even a man yet, so you should stand tall no matter what happens.
4 weeks ago
Good luck, though. Your roster got a lot better.
4 weeks ago
Hehe. No, I'm saying I like that about you. Plus, when I destroy you again this season, one man will stand tall... :)
4 weeks ago
That's the first time I've gotten cocky. Chill out, man. Okay... maybe the second time.
4 weeks ago
I like Air Raiders. Ever since he beat me AND Cyclones, he's gotten cocky af, but a GOOD cocky.
4 weeks ago
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